Faculty and Staff meeting with members of the Board, February 20

This is a long post – get a cup of coffee. Also, please note that I am writing this from memory; if I have made errors, please let me know and I’ll correct them. – Guest Blogger

Yesterday, members of the Albuquerque Academy faculty and staff were invited to a “private meeting” with Adam Honegger, Board Chairman, and other trustees in the Little Theatre on campus. Although the meeting was publicized as “optional,” attendance was in fact quite strong; the theatre was near capacity. Continue reading “Faculty and Staff meeting with members of the Board, February 20”

Breaking News: Albuquerque Academy’s Credit Rating

From the credit-rating agency Fitch Ratings comes this report dating from August 10, 2017. (It does not include data from the current school year.) Fitch’s analysis of “approximately $36 million of currently outstanding series 2010 revenue bonds, issued by Los Ranchos de Albuquerque, New Mexico on behalf of Albuquerque Academy” indicates a downgrade of the rating of these bonds from A+ to  A-, and a downgrade of the outlook for the bonds from Stable to Negative. The bonds in question are “an unsecured general obligation of the academy, payable from all legally available funds.” This is an analysis of the Academy’s expected ability to pay its debts. Continue reading “Breaking News: Albuquerque Academy’s Credit Rating”

News: Meeting postponed

The meeting between Mr. Hibbett’s group and the Academy trustees, scheduled for tomorrow, has been postponed because of conflicts for multiple participants. It’s been tentatively rescheduled for next weekend – we will keep you posted.