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It is our hope that the Board will address the serious concerns we have repeatedly raised. In order to ensure that this happens, you need to attend and let your voices be heard. 

If you’ve been following this blog, you know that Albuquerque Academy faces some hard choices. Our endowment has shrunk at an extremely alarming rate and has yet to recover from the crash of 2008 – which is now ten years in the past. The Board and administration have been unwilling to respond to our questions about money management, school culture, and the impact of this enormous loss on our core mission. Please plan to attend one or both sessions, spread the word, and bring your own questions.

A number of alumni have contacted the site administrators asking if there is a way to record or livestream these meetings. We are looking into the possibilities and will let our readers know when we come up with a plan; we know that many AA alumni who live far away are vitally interested in these matters and we want their interests heard as well.

Want to add your support to help make Albuquerque Academy a better place? Here’s one way to start:

  • Read the “Open Letter to the Board of Trustees of Albuquerque Academy” (the first document on the Our Principal Concerns page)
  • Browse the Forums at the Forums tab
  • Choose a forum that you think is important
  • Post a new topic, or comment on an existing thread

If you’d like to do more, you can propose a new forum by contacting the site administrators using the tab above.

And if you want to help by writing a guest blog post, contact us as well – you may remain anonymous to readers if you wish.