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As readers of this blog are aware, Mr. Hibbett had tentatively scheduled a meeting with Mr. Honegger this coming weekend. Unfortunately, Mr. Honegger’s family plans for the long weekend mean he will not be available. We’ll keep you updated on further developments.

In the meantime, the Board has been busy. Yesterday morning (2/15), there were meetings held for interested students in 10/12 and for the board of the AA Parents’ Association. It’s not clear how these two events were publicized; we’re told that attendance by students was (understandably) sparse, with only a few kids at the meeting.

In addition, Mr. Watson sent an email to Academy faculty and staff yesterday detailing changes to the planned inservice on Tuesday, February 20. The original program has been scrapped and will be replaced by “work with the administrative team” during the morning and an “optional private gathering” with Mr. Honegger, Mr. Smidt and “several other trustees” in the Little Theatre on campus at 10:30 a.m. You can read the email at the bottom of the “Our Principal Concerns” page at the tab above.

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2 thoughts on “Meeting postponed again; updates for February 16

  1. When will a meeting take place that is open to all interested, not just students, specific parents and faculty/staff? I would like to have my questions as those in the original letter answered in detail; point by point. This needs to be an open meeting, open to all. Is there a plan for this?

  2. I know it was brought up at the faculty and staff meeting with trustees this morning. Several employees were quite vocal about the need for this, and that it should be done in Simms Auditorium at a time when people can attend. We will keep pushing for it; like you, we think this is vital.

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