Good morning, Academy community!

Here are the statistics from Save Albuquerque Academy for the past few days:

Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 9.14.10 AM

Thus far this morning, we’ve had almost a thousand views by almost 200 people.

Over the last three days, our site has been viewed 17,797 times, by people in the US, Canada, Japan, the Czech Republic, the UK, Hong Kong, France, Germany and Tanzania. We’re glad that we are reaching a wide community and that our work is generating dialogue, and hopeful for good results for the school we love.

Mr. Hibbett’s group’s meeting has been rescheduled for next Saturday, February 17. We’ll be posting about it afterwards and will keep the community up to date on our communications with the Board.

Please keep checking the site, especially the Forums, this page, and Our Principal Concerns. Mr. Honegger’s letter to the community from last Sunday is posted there in case you missed it or did not receive it.

We will be adding a centralized location for research sources, such as the report from Fitch Ratings referenced in the post below, to the site. Stay tuned, and lend your voice.

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