Thank you to all the community members who have taken the time to write thoughtful, constructive responses on the Forums page. We are very grateful for your insights and ideas.

Over the weekend, Save Albuquerque Academy had almost 8,000 hits from over 600 viewers. The site was accessed from South Korea, Spain, Mexico, the UK and UAE, Italy, South Africa, Canada and New Zealand. Many more people are reading the information here and thinking about the Academy we love, and worrying about its future.

This evening, a story about Mr. Hibbett’s letter, this blog, and the school’s situation will be airing on the 10 p.m. newscast on KOB. Readers who are on the Academy’s “Subscribers” distribution list have received an email from Mr. Watson about this segment.

We’ll post further as the situation develops.

Keep being thoughtful and constructive. Lend your voice.

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