Good morning, everyone!

Yesterday, this site had 10,945 hits from 680 viewers, including people who logged on from Macau, Nicaragua, the United Arab Emirates, Austria, South Africa, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Canada and Bahrain. It is clear that there is a great deal of interest in our project, and we hope you will consider sharing your thoughts with this broad community using the tools we have provided.

Along that note, we would like to remind everyone that it’s important to keep our focus on problems we can fix and changes we can makePlease keep in mind that this is not the place for attacks on individuals; posting such items is ultimately counterproductive, because they make it easier for the board and administration to dismiss the serious issues we’re raising. The forums are actively monitored, and such content will be removed.

We, the parents, teachers, staff, alumni, and community members working on the Save Albuquerque Academy project, want to thank you for your attention and your participation. We have real hope that change is coming.

Speak up. Lend your voice.

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