Good morning, Academy community!

We know you are waiting for an update on Monday night’s meeting, including round two of Gary Gordon’s presentation and a long question-and-answer session with Board members and Andy Watson. A full writeup is coming in the next day or two, so please keep checking back!


Audience attendance was slightly above 100 people, many of whom were alumni.

Several members of the Academy’s faculty were there, but none spoke.

Mr. Gordon used the same slides as in Saturday’s presentation; photos of key slides will be posted here.

Mr. Watson participated much more than he did on Saturday.

The presentation was once again filmed by videographers hired by Mr. Gordon. This means there are video records of both meetings – if you were unable to attend, call or write the Academy and ask them to share them!

No plans were made for another, more general town hall event.

More is coming soon – stay tuned!

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