Good morning, Academy community!

If you’ve been checking back to this site regularly – and our statistics show that many of you are – you’re aware that the Board has still not responded to our most recent letter. It has now been 15 days since Mr. Hibbett sent it out to the community.

Here’s a screenshot of the most recent statistics for the Save Albuquerque Academy site:

Screen Shot 2018-03-13 at 8.27.13 AM


Although there has been little to report, we are still averaging 1200-2000 site hits on weekdays, from about 200 individual visitors per day. We know you’re just as eager for news as we are; many of you have reached out individually to express your disappointment with the Board’s apparent strategy of refusing to engage. We will certainly share any response with you as soon as we get it.

In other news, we’ve recently received additional information from the Chronicle of Philanthropy’s study of endowment performance (in which Albuquerque Academy’s endowment was ranked last out of 1600 nonprofits). Specifically, the table below shows net change in the endowment for each year listed. (The latest tax data publicly available is from 2015, reported on the Academy’s 2016 IRS form 990.)

Screen Shot 2018-03-12 at 3.47.54 PM

You should be able to enlarge the image by right-clicking on it in your browser and opening it in a new tab or window.

We need answers – public, detailed answers – about the management of the endowment.

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