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Current events update, April 18

While we’re working our way through the history presented by Mr. Gordon, we cannot neglect what’s happening on campus right now. Two recent items of note:

  1. This email was sent to the faculty and staff by Andy Watson on Monday. Of particular interest to his audience was this bit of information: “I’ll have news on this work when we meet next week, Tuesday, April 24th in Simms.  I then plan to start sending contracts, first to full-time faculty, then part-time, followed by administrators.” (emphasis added)
  2. An email sent to faculty members in the high school by Division Head Christine Lenhart included the following: “As referenced in Andy’s email yesterday, we are slightly changing the administrative structure in the 10-12 division.  We are going to have two dean of students positions starting next school year.  One of the deans will teach one class, and the other dean will teach two classes.  We will continue to have class deans at each grade level.  There will no longer be assistant class deans.”

And finally, an update on the blog itself. Here are our most recent site statistics:

As of this morning, Save Albuquerque Academy has been visited 214,595 times by 10,328 individual users from 45 countries. We appreciate your interest and support more than we can say, and we are working on concrete ways to help our readers support positive changes at our beloved school. Thank you.

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